Our Welcome To You!

To Parents of our Future Patients,

Dr Fry and his staff are pleased that you have chosen us for your child's pediatric dental needs. As a pediatric dental office, our focus is on your child's dental health and psychological well being. Your child's early dental experiences, good or bad, will stay with him or her for a lifetime. The following information is to introduce you to our practice and reinforce your decision to choose a pediatric dentist for your child. It has been shown that children who begin their relationship with their dentist before they are experiencing any problems have fewer dental issues. It is very important that your child's first visit be a positive one; first impressions last a lifetime. When you choose a pediatric dentist you are choosing an environment designed with children in mind, and these early experiences will allow for a positive attitude towards dental care. We do not take our children to a doctor who does not specialize in pediatrics; why shouldn't our choice for their dental care include an office who also specializes in pediatrics?

The best way to prepare your child for the first appointment with us is to give as little information as possible. This may sound strange, but our office is designed with your child's comfort in mind. Our entire staff is here because we love children, and everything we do is for their benefit; your child will sense this.

What will be done on the first visit?

During your first visit your child will be introduced to the dental environment at his or her own pace. A thorough examination will be performed, a cleaning and necessary x-rays will be taken. This all depends on your child's behavior which will determine how much is accomplished at each visit. Our main goal is for a positive experience, and we will adjust our approach specifically for your child. The results of the exam and x-rays will be discussed with you, a treatment plan will be determined, appointments will be scheduled, and financial arrangements will be made. If this is an emergency visit, the immediate problem will be addressed and routine procedures will be postponed.

What should I say to my child?

A parent's reaction to dental care is crucial in determining how the child will approach his or her visit to the dentist. Do not offer more information than your child asks for; keep it simple. It is often best not to mention the appointment until the day you are scheduled. Do not offer threats or bribes of any kind for good behavior. A bribe tends to indicate something bad may happen. Please do not make any promises about what the dental staff will or won't do; stress that any questions will be answered before any treatment begins. Don't forget to tell them that they are seeing a "children's" dentist.

It is not unusual for a young child to cry; we ask that you not be upset if this happens. Crying is a child's normal reaction to the fear of the unknown. We understand your child's fears, and our well- trained staff will work with you to modify or erase them. Remember that our goals are the same as yours; we want your child to feel comfortable and safe at our office, and we will take our time and work at her or his pace to accomplish that goal.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child and working together to maintain your child's dental health in a comfortable, secure atmosphere.


Dr. Fry and Staff


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